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May 10, 2010
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Oh Canada sketch relations by Skimx Oh Canada sketch relations by Skimx
Sketchy idea of my OCs for "Oh Canada..."

A few details about the characters:

British Columbia
Age: 19
Birthday: July 20th
Language: English
Capital: Victoria
About: BC is known for his "natural beauty" and logging industry. He's a calm but happy guy with lots of native tradition. He has a very respectful and gentle nature but will sometimes suffer from "quakes" -as the others call them- of anger. He has a love for sunsets and nature, and has fun skiing and mountain climbing. He is also the site of many movies, although, he never really did like sparkling vampires. He enjoys living simply.
He used to live with North-West Territories but moved away some time ago.
Motto: "Splendour without diminishment" in reference to the natural beauty and quality of his land.

Age: 19 ( 2nd of the prairie siblings )
Birthday: September 1st
Language: English
Capital: Edmonton
About: Alberta is a rowdy fun loving girl. She loves country music and spending money when she can. She absolutely adores ranching and horseback riding in Banff. She is very energetic and is somehow close friends with the US state of Texas... She is a real material, high maintenance girl!
She used to live with North-West Territories, but she wanted more freedom and left.
Motto: "Strong and free" to describe her personality.

Age: 18 ( Youngest of the prairie siblings )
Birthday: September 1st
Language: English
Capital: Regina
About: Alberta is a sweet boy who lives to help his neighbours. He never leaves his house without his trusty box of band-aids in hand, just in case Ontario and Québec start fighting again or his sister goes on another adventure! He is very gentile and docile, and spends his time working the wheat fields. He doesn't like to waist, so all gets used at his place! He is sometimes described my others as a hillbilly...
He used to live with North-West Territories, but left so he could take care of his rambunctious sister Alberta.
Motto: "From many people's strengths" because he is such a modest province.

Age: 20 ( Oldest of the prairie siblings )
Birthday: July 15th
Language: English
Capital: Winnipeg
About: Manitoba is often forgotten by his family, even though he is in the middle of the country, due to the fact that... well... he really doesn't do all that much. People seem to overlook him and forget his capital. He has to keep on his rubber boots 24/7 just in case the Red River floods again and he only has his pet polar bear Winnie to keep him company during the cold harsh winters. Even though he is so shy and terribly forgetful, he is a lovable, hard worker!
He used to live with North-West Territories, but... he never really noticed him anyways...
Motto: "Glorious and Free" because someday someone will notice it!

Age: 24
Birthday: July 1st
Language: English (& French de facto )
Capital: Toronto
About: Ontario is a really energetic province to put it lightly. He just loves to be number one, especially with his rivalry against Québec. He believes himself to be the center of Canada, and that he knows what's best. He can be a bit irresponsible at times ,and cannot read the atmosphere. He truly believes he is professional and wants the best for others. He is thinking of submitting a bill towards changing Canada's motto from: "From Ocean to Ocean" to "Go Sens" but fears being turned down by the others...
Motto: "loyal she began, loyal she remains". No one is 100% sure if he is talking about Canada, of his lovely game of hockey...

Age: 24
Birthday: July 1st
Language: French ( & english de facto )
Capital: Québec City
About: Québec is simply a wannabe frenchman. He constantly disagrees with Ontario, and threatens to leave Canada on a daily basis. He is very well dressed and is very proud of his french culture. He tries his best to appear mature but will sometimes act out of context. He is a huge hockey fan, and although he continuously threatens to leave, the "Montreal Quebecers" just isn't as catchy...
Motto: "I remember" although, he seems to have forgotten what this means...

Newfoundland & Labrador (Newfy & Lab )
Age: 28 ( oldest of the maritime siblings )
Birthday: March 31st
Language: English
Capital: St. John's
About: Newfoundland loves to fish and mine. He generally just loves his job, and is very close to his siblings: the other Maritimes. He was the last to join the confederation. He is not one of the maritime provinces, but has great relations with them., He is constantly followed by his dog; a big yellow Labrador named John. He loves to take ferry rides, but it seems that every time he leave the house, one of the other provinces has snuck into his house to watch TV...
Motto: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God". Personally, he has no idea what it means, but it has old english in it, so it must be smart!

New Brunswick
Age: 26 ( 2nd of the maritime siblings )
Birthday: July 1st
Language: English & French
Capital: Fredericton
About: New Brunswick is Newfoundlands younger brother, and is the only bilingual province in Canada. He makes most of his money off his services, such as education, health care and insurance. He always wears the knit tuque his siblings gave him for christmas, and likes to sneak into "Newfy's" house to watch TV. He constantly teases his little sibling PEI, but is very protective of him.
Motto: "Hope was Restored". Nobody seems to remember when hope was lost, but it's catchy.

Prince Edward Island
Age: 15
Birthday: July 1st
Language: English
Capital: Charlottetown
About: PEI is the smallest of all the provinces, and the others tease him about his red hair and freckles. His brothers keep telling him he'll get bigger one day, so he tries to show everyone how amazing he is in many different ways. He loves to fish with his oldest brother, and gets recent visits from his grandpa England who dotes on his a little too much and calls him his "little colony". He secretly likes romance novels, especially Anne of Green Gables related stories. He can be very ignorant and infantile. New-Brunswick uses this to scare him.
Motto: "The small under the protection of the great." in other words PEI has never had to fight his own wars.

Nova Scotia
Age: 25
Birthday: July 1st
Language: English
Capital: Halifax
About: Nova Scotia is a sea loving, who's "heart belongs in the ocean." He loves to paint lighthouses and the rocky beach. Every summer his house is swarmed by mosquitos, and he tends to over react. He loves music and comedy, especially is he can make fun of his other provinces without getting hurt! He is a truly sweet province who just wants a little fun. He is the eldest of the maritime siblings.
Motto: "One defends and the other conquers". Nobody knows which one he is though...

Yukon Territory
Age: 17
Birthday:June 13th
Language: English, French
Capital: Whitehorse
About: Yukon is one of the two existing territories (during this timeframe, Nunavut was still part of North-West Territories. ) and the smallest of the two. His house is always cold, so he wears a jacket almost all year. He is pretty secluded, but has a good relationship with Alaska, as the two spend time dogsledding and mining together. He is quite lovable, but gets embarrassed easily.
Motto: "Larger than life", in reference to his heart, but everyone else seems to have a different idea.

Northwest Territories
Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Languages: Chipewyan, Cree, English, French, Gwich’in, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, North Slavey, South Slavey, Tłįchǫ
Language: English
Capital: Yellowknife
About: Little is known about NWT except that he has always been around. BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba used to live under his roof when he belonged to "The Hudson Bay Company" under the name of "Rupert's Land" but as they moved out, they took pieces of his land, pushing him back into the desolate climate he lives in now. The people are scarce, and the only company he has is his brother Yukon, but his house is so far away, he will still get lonely. All he really wants are friends, but his ability to come out of nowhere and be eerily optimistic, makes him a bit scary. There is also the fact that he rides in on a giant polar bear...
Motto: "Land of the midnight sun" because of the few days every year NWT has to live with 24 hour sun. There is also a time where there is no sun at all.

I hope that makes more sense C: Enjoy the super long artist comment~!

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I don't mean to be a bother but your Maritimes are wrong. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Islands are the maritime provinces, they along with Newfoundland then make up the Atlantic. I know this because I have lived in Nova Scotia my whole life.  
AshxHawk Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
This is so cool!
Ask-FemNewfoundland Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Admin: i like how you created Newfoundland and Labrador! it was interesting to compare them with my own.
BlackLotus29 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
BTW NB's motto is Hope Restored. Is because when America gained his independance and influx of British Loyalist moved into NB pushing yet again the Acadian settler out of their farm lands(being the oppotunist they were all the work has already been done.) THEY(the loyalist) wanted to make NB into a haven for the British Loyalist.....hence why the Motto is Hope Restored(for the Loyalist). Of course we know how that turned out :D
AvatarTaggerung Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Canada who???

(if you don't know, though cause you made this i bet you do, its from a TV show)
CaitxxSith Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is seriously awesome!!! x) I can't say Alberta's friends with Texas though... o__O But the "Newfoundland and Labrador" bit is adorable ;)
krizzy630 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011
Ontario looks so american XD but in a way ontario is alot like america, i actually think we're the most american province outa the lot.Not to mention the loudest and most COUGHEGOTISICALCOUGH ;)
RyeBread-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Student General Artist
Heh. Quebec.
certafiedpsychopath Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011
What a interesting take on the provinces~ :)
KakuzuGirl66 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
Oh~ I absolutely love your Ontario perona~!

I quite enjoy how you made him not to be hated, as youtube's Matthewian did. :iconlaplz:
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